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What is STEMM Role Models?

STEMM Role Models is an interactive database of professionals in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine). It was inspired by other efforts like Anne’s List that promote diversity in a field by assembling lists of professionals from underrepresented backgrounds who could serve as speakers, experts, panelists, committee members, etc. STEMM Role Models provides similar information that is customizable and searchable, and allows colleagues to leave testimonials endorsing a Role Model.

What makes STEMM Role Models unique?

Anyone in a STEMM field can be a Role Model! You don’t need not belong to an underrepresented group, but our profiles allow you to self-identify with various groups if you wish, and these identifiers provide an additional searchable feature. For example, a conference organizer aiming to increase the representation of women in their speaker roster might search “Woman” followed by a keyword for their conference to obtain a list of professionals who have identified themselves as women and have the keyword in their profile.

Why is it called “Role Models”?

Ultimately, our goal is greater than promoting ourselves and our colleagues. We want to promote a healthy diversity of ideas and approaches in STEMM by increasing the visibility of underrepresented groups. We know the confidence that young researchers build when they see people "just like them" in leadership roles, and hope that this project can elevate a diversity of professionals to serve as these Role Models.

How do I add myself to the database?

Click the Add a Researcher button on the homepage, or the Add link at the top of this page, and fill in the requested information. You will receive an email asking for more information about you, and for your permission to be listed on the Role Models site. Provide as much information as you wish to make public, approve your profile, and you’re all set! There may be a delay before your profile goes live, as we screen submissions for potentially fraudulent accounts.

How do I change my profile?

At the moment, just send Kirstie an email to ask to change your profile information.

How do I add a profile photo?

When you receive the email requesting additional information, you will have the option to link to a profile photo. To do this, choose an online photo of yourself. You can use photos on other social media sites. To get the image URL, right click on the image, select “Copy image location”, and paste the URL into the field. Remember, if you move the original image from its source, you’ll have to update your profile to a new picture!

How do I recommend someone for the database?

It’s easy! Click the Add a Researcher button on the homepage, or the Add link at the top of this page, and fill in the requested information. If you are recommending someone else, they will receive an email requesting permission to be listed on the Role Models site. You can choose to identify yourself as a recommender or recommend anonymously. If you are making a personal recommendation, we suggest that you share your identity, but it isn't required.

What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is where you can tell everyone how great one of our Role Models is! It is a specific written endorsement of a Role Model for her expertise and/or presentation skills that will be helpful to others who are searching the database for a professional. This is a platform for positvie endorsements only.

How do I write a testimonial?

Check out our write page. You'll fill in the google form that's linked there and we'll add your thoughts to the role model's profile. We'll ask for your name and email address so we can keep track of who is providing the testimonials and ensure we aren't adding spam to the database. But you'll always have the option to remain annonymous on the public profile.

I have a suggestion for improving STEMM Role Models!

That’s great! Please let us know through any of the ways listed on the Contact page.

Would you like to help us develop the STEMM Role Models site?

Help with layout, content (text, images) and spelling mistakes all welcome! We'd love to hear your feedback.

Please contact us for more information on how to get involved.